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Mulberry Football
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Welcome to the Mulberry Panthers football history web site.

Mulberry, located in Central Florida, fielded its first football team in 1924 and were called the Miners, probably due to the fact of the phosphate pits and the miners needed to work them. But they soon became the Panthers. Now you can see year by year how the Panthers have done.


High school football.
Mulberry High School football is entering its 86th year of competition on the gridiron in 2009.
There have been good years and there have been bad years – mostly good years.
It all started back in 1924. Many records have been lost. Only bits and pieces remain of that first year.
Mulberry’s first ever opponent is forgotten, but its second opponent, Fort Meade, won’t be.
On Sept. 26, 1924, the Mulberry Miners traveled to Fort Meade to play the Turpintiners. Fort Meade won that first game 6-0 in a long string that continues to this day. The rivalry had not yet begun, but would develop later.
Lake Wales came to town the next Friday afternoon for the Highlanders first-ever game. Mulberry was ready for this one, winning it handily, 64-0.
The next week, Mulberry hosted Largo and nearly surpassed the blowout from the week before, obtaining a 61-0 shutout.
Traveling to Sarasota to play the Sailors, Mulberry faced a stronger team losing 28-0.
The season finale at Hernando ended in a 7-7 tie.
Players on that first team included Graham at left end, Haynesworth at halfback, Sweat at left guard, Lovell at center, Smith at right guard, Clark at right tackle, J. Evers at quarterback, Barrington at fullback, Hooker at left halfback, Evers at right end, Conner at right halfback, and Turner. One of the Evers served as captain. They provided Mulberry with its first taste of interscholastic football ending with a 2-3-1 record of known opponents. Mulberry also lost 74-0 to Fort Myers.

1924 – Graham, left end; Haynesworth, left tackle; Sweat, left guard; Lovell, center; Smith, right guard; Clark, right tackle; J. Evers, quarterback; Barrington, fullback; Hooker, left halfback; Evers (Captain), right end; Conner, right halfback; Turner

1925 – Turner

1926 – Strickland; Sapp; Wilson; Holland; Fitts; E. Haynesworth; Graham; Burnett; Gable; Green; T. Haynesworth; Turner; Sutton; Albritton; Howell

1927 – Albritton, left halfback; T. Haynesworth, quarterback; Gandy, left end; E. Haynesworth, left tackle; Newsom, left guard; Turner, end; Wilson, right guard; Holland, right tackle; Smith, right end; Fitts, right halfback; Green, fullback; Simpson; Coach Tipton. Member Central Florida High School Athletic Conference

1928 – Duke, left end & fullback; Hall, left tackle; J. Haynesworth, left guard; Evers, center; Wilson (Captain), right guard; Buck Newsome, right tackle; Jones, right end; Theo Haynesworth, quarterback; Overstreet (Non-conference All-State), right halfback; Hicks, left halfback; Green, fullback; Gandy, left end; Graves (or Gray); Sigler; Turner; Coach McPherson (Southern College grid star)

1929 – Haynesworth, left tackle & right guard; Jones, right end; Graves, fullback; Overstreet, back; Hubbard, back; Clark, left tackle; Duke, left end; Hall, right tackle; Capps, left back; Turner; Evers; Proctor; Cantrell; Jenkins. Ridge Conference Champions

1930 – Haynesworth (Captain), left tackle; Keel, center; Whiddon, right end; Seigler, right halfback; Smith, left halfback; Jones, fullback; Overstreet, quarterback; Hewitt, left end; Clark, fullback; Hall, left guard; Woodall, right guard; Brown, halfback; Turner, right tackle; Hunter; Coach Carlyle Huskey

1931 – Wilbur Jones, halfback; Trammell Smith, quarterback; Billy Turner, right tackle; Edgar Woodall, fullback; Hall, right guard; Estridge, center; Haynesworth (Captain); Smith; Brown; Griffin; Edmondson; Denmark; Whidden; Hewett; Rentz; Burris. Lakeland’s first defeat in 25 games. Ridge Conference Champions. Mulberry “All Stars” defeated Tampa 31-0

1932 – Hewitt, end; Woodall, end; Hall, guard; Turner, guard; Denmark, tackle; Powers, tackle; Estridge, center; Rentz, quarterback; Brown, halfback; Burris, halfback; Edmondson, fullback, Coach Huskey. Ridge Conference Champions

1933 – Burris, quarterback; Estridge, center; Morgan, end; Hicks, punter; Evers; Brown; Hall; Turner; Riley; Mills. Ridge Conference Champions

1934 – Carlton, left end; Mills, left tackle; Haynesworth, left guard; Keel, center; McDonald, right guard; Mann, right tackle; Lewis, right end; Driver, quarterback; Clements, left halfback; O. McDonald, right halfback; Gillete, right back, Coach Harry “Moon” Mullins

1935 – Keel, center; Mullis, left end & back; Paul Lewis, right end; Jack Jones, left tackle; Evans, right tackle; Jordan, left guard & center; Duke, guard; Douglas, back; Pope, back; H.C. Tucker, right guard; Clements, quarterback; Herrin, halfback; Surrency, halfback; Pete Hall, end; S. Hall, end; Byrd, guard; Everett Parrish, back; Carter, back; Wiggs, back; M. Lewis, end; R.J Anderson, center; Harry Mills, guard; Evarts, tackle; Raymond Haynesworth, guard; Driver, back; Williams, back; Coach Joel “Red” Evers; Coach Wilbur H. Purcell. MHS suspended from FHSAA for one year, nicknamed themselves “Black Sheep”, for having overage boys

1936 – Paul Lewis, end; Q. Cantrell, center; Bobby Wiggs, back; J.B. Riley, back; Tom Evans, back; Duke McDonald, back; Raymond (Red) Driver, back’ R. Cribbs, back; Frank Carter, back; H. Spence, back; Jack Jones; Julian Mullis; Earl Jordan; H.C. Tucker; K.C. Anderson; Jerry Duke; Murphy Lewis; Wilbur Ray; James (Pete) Driver; Melvin (Pot) McCook; J.L. Green; D. Gross; Sim Cozart; Billie Harrell; Coach Dewey Spooner

1937 – Hall, tackle; McDonald, halfback; Driver, end; McBride, tackle; Cribb, halfback; Polk, guard; Strickland, guard; Ray, halfback; Spear, center; Evans, quarterback; Carter, fullback; Harrell, tackle; Waring; Cantrell; Coach Dewey Spooner

1938 – R. Driver, right end; L. Carter, right tackle; W. Strickland, right guard; L. Bergquist, center; M. Gillete, left guard; V.J. Hague, left tackle; C. Clements, left end; L. Walker, halfback; Collice Mills, fullback; Q. Cantrell, center; E. Hutchinson, left guard; H. Foxworth, left tackle; B. Wiggs, left end; Buck McDonald, quarterback; Percy Cribbs (Captain), halfback; J.B. Riley, halfback; H. Spence, fullback; J.L. Green; Jr. Hutchinson; B. Palmer; H. Vassie; E. Powers; J.B. Mann; E. Autman; L. Marsh; G. Hoffman; A. Keel; T. Evans; M. Tucker; Coach Marwood Stark; Assistant Coach Evers. Played on Spence Field

1939 – Reynolds (First Team All-Conference), right guard; Duke McDonald (First Team All-Conference), right halfback; Quick (Second Team All-Conference), right end; Riley (Second Team All-Conference), right halfback; Ken McQuaddy, halfback; B. McDonald, quarterback; Marvin Moore, fullback; W.C. Jordan, fullback; J. Hutchinson, right tackle; Tucker, left end; Keel, right end; Pierce, left tackle; Smith, left guard; Burris, center; Walker, halfback; Bennett, fullback; Coach Marwood Stark

1940 -  Gilbert Bergquist, guard; Allen Wood, guard; Billy Crough, tackle; Jackie Alderman, end; Bernard Palmer, end; V.J. Hague, tackle; Allen Keel, left end; Francis Pierce, tackle; Junior Hutchinson, tackle; James Burris (Captain), center, Gordon Hoffman, guard; Mickey Walker, halfback; Kenneth McQuady, halfback; Buck McDonald, fullback & quarterback; Milford Tucker, end; Lester Marsh, quarterback & guard; Dutch Jordan, halfback; Chuck Moses, fullback; Red Strickland, fullback; Martin, tackle; Coach Stark. Homecoming was on Nov. 15 against Avon Park. Ridge Conference Champions. On Dec. 20, in Polk All-Stars vs. Hillsborough All-Stars, Jimmie Burris (First Team), Mickey Walker (First Team), Milford Tucker (Second Team), Keel (Honorable Mention), Hutchinson (Honorable Mention). Polk defeated Hillsborough 20-0

1941 – Francis Pierce, tackle; Robert Barwick; Gilbert Bergquist; Hadden Evans; Don Harrell; W.C. Jordan; Kenneth McQuady, right halfback; Lester Marsh, fullback; Leslie Moody; Williard Moses; Billy Pollock; Bobby Reynolds; Milford Tucker; Allen Wood; Jackie Alderman; Elmo Fernandez; LaRue Jones; John Williamson; Clifton Davis; Ben Hunt; Conley Mears; Billy Adams; Richard Bergquist; Harry Eville, end; Derien Handley; Earl Jordan; Elbert Osborne; George Seigler; Dick Stavely; Wendell Lewis; Manager Tommy Brooke; Manager Russell Lowery; Manager Virgil Handley; Coach Marwood W. Stark. Hillsborough All-Stars defeated Polk All-Stars, 19-0

1942 – Berquist; Hunt; O’Brien; Coach Stark. Homecoming was on Nov. 13 against Avon Park

1943 – Paul McDonald, quarterback; Dick Stavely, end; Billy Adams, guard; Jack Jones, tackle; John Moore, halfback; Sonny O’Brien, end; Mullis, halfback; Richard Burgquist; J.W. Clements; Adams; Coach Stark. Homecoming was on Nov. 5 against Fort Meade

1944 – Paul McDonald, halfback; Gene Sikes, halfback; Edgar Mears, halfback; Kenneth Durrance; Whidden; O’Brien; Coach Marwood Stark. Homecoming was on Nov. 3 against Fort Meade

1945 – Stuart Acree; Jimmie Aggelis; John Andy Bergquist; Ralph Clements; Don Coleman; Guy Coleman; Gene Cunningham; Jimmie Davis; Cecil Eason; Lawrence Freeman; Wallace Hayman; Max Howard; Leroy Johnson; Joe Jones; Homer Julian; Bill Mallard; Donald Marin; Buddy McClelland; William McKinney; Edgar Mears, Eston Melton; Robert Moore; Bob Moran; Dawson Moran; Joe Murat; Lewis O’Cain; William Peace; Jack Peters; Marty Whidden; Lloyd Prevatt; W.M. Price; George Scott; Gene Sikes; Leon Ward; James Watson; Dwight Weeks; Wilton Wilkerson; Tommy Woods; Coach Marwood Stark. Homecoming was on Nov. 2 against Fort Meade

1946 – Cecil Eason; Gene Sikes; Dawson Moran; Edgar Mears; Joe Jones; Coach Henry D. Raines. Homecoming was on Nov. 8 against Avon Park

1947 – Cecil (Bo) Eason, halfback; Jerry Earp, fullback; Donald Foster, halfback; Sonny Young, end; Donald Mann, guard; David Alderman, fullback; Wilbur Mills, right end; Carl Mears, halfback; Wogan Badcock; Danny J. Byrd; Owen, tackle; Gerald Culp, tackle; Red Moore, tackle; Robert Young; David Alderman; John Boyles; Edward Clements; Harold Coleman; Billy J. Stephens; Bobby L. Moore; Jimmie Morrison; Bobby Moody; Granda Cozart; Jerry Polk; Wayne Hayman; Buck Walker; Alfred McNeal; Coach Red Stephens; Assistant Coach Holmes; Athletic Director Joe Stephens. Homecoming was on Nov. 21 against Fort Meade. Ridge Conference members were Lake Wales, Frostproof, Haines City, Kathleen, Mulberry, Kissimmee, Sebring, Fort Meade, Auburndale, and Avon Park

1948 – Jackie Purcell; Charles Anderson; Buck Walker; John Morrison; Boyce Sweat; Bill Seigler; Denver Hart; Bobby Caruthers; Dewey Hilton; Jimmy Willis; John Boyles; Carl Mears; Jerry Earp; Danny Joe Byrd; Donald Mann; Harold Coleman; Gerald Culp; Donald Foster; Bobby Byrd; Bobby Ghiotto; Jerry Polk; Charles Brown; Wogan Badcock; Bobby Moody; Lovette Johnson; Bobby Moore; Cecil Eason; Billy Stephens; Wayne Hayman; Jay Maddox; Manager Teddy Aggelis; Manager Ulysses Knowles; Manager Ben Rowand; Coach Arnold Holmes

1949 – Jay Maddox; Billy Hayman; Guy Perry Anderson; Buck Walker; Dewey Hilton; Bobby Byrd; Bobby Ghiotto; Billy Seigler; Jimmy Willis; John Morrison; Jerry Earp; Jackie Purcell; Boyce Sweat; Alfred McNeal; Lionel Brenneman; Jerry Polk; Bobby Caruthers; Charles Anderson; Jimmie Morrison; Daniel Handley; Melburn Marchant; Wogie Badcock; Manager Gene Lewis; Manager Carl Fortner; Manager Charles Alderman; Coach Arnold Holmes; Assistant Coach Reed

1950 – Bobby Caruthers; Ottis Wilson; Jerry Williams; Bobby Byrd; Johnie Lane; Glenn Alderman; John Morrison; Earnest Dixon; Billy Coleman; Jimmy Emerson; Jimmie Morrison; Pierce Jones; Charles Alderman; Jimmy Willis; Jackie Purcell; Ollie Barrington; Charles Anderson; Rueben Connell; Dan Handley; Bobby Ghiotto; Dick Harte; Billy Seigler; Lionel Brenneman; Gene Johnson; Coach Arnold Holmes

1951 – Jerry Williams; Floyd Johnson; Rooney Connell; Bill Coleman; Harold Mathis; Dennis Parrish; Earnest Dixon; Joe Peddy; George Anderson; Bobby Gunter; Watson McDonald; Jerry Hicks; Glen Alderman; Jackie Purcell; Charles Alderman; Charles Bailey; Jim Emerson; Eulus Stephens; Allen Polk; Owen Townley; Bill Seigler; Gene Johnson; Jimmy Davis; Elmer Caruthers; Dick Harte; Harold Lyle; John Morrison; Charles Anderson; Manager Billy Strange; Manager Charlton Peddy; Manager Pierce Jones; Coach Holmes; Assistant Coach Glenn Reed

1952 – Jimmy Davis; Marion Blackwell; George Anderson; Reuben Connell; Floyd Johnson; Asa Keene; Jerry Hicks; Owen Townley; Pasco Hagan; Oliver Sheffield; J.L. Kitchell; James Pace; Eulus Stephens; Charles Bailey; Sonny Seigler; Edward McNeal; Jimmy Ray McGilvary; Jerry Williams; Bobby Joe Malloy; Charles Alderman; Elmer Caruthers; Allen Polk; John Watson; Charles Renninger; Dickie Harte; Glen Alderman; Jim Simons; Manager Charlton Peddy; Manager Bobby Crosby; Coach Glenn Reed; Assistant Coach Henry Moody, Jr.

1953 – Sammy Polk; Jim Davis; Jim Windham; Jerry Williams; George Anderson; Bobby Arnold; Edward Hendrix; Pasco Hagen; John Watson; James Pace; Jimmy Boutwell; Edward McNeal; Bobby Malloy; Marian Blackwell; Ronald Lane; Eulus Stephens; Norman Seigler; Coach Glenn Reed; Assistant Coach Henry Moody

1954 – Leon Peace; Ronald Lane; Donald Lane; Norman Seigler; Bob Hood; Richard Lane. Auburndale game started 90 minutes late due to no officials

1955 – Ronald Lane, halfback; Richard Weaver, quarterback; David Willis, quarterback; Charles Lyle, halfback; James Tice, fullback; Leland Hagan, fullback; James Eason, end; Al Hood, end; Richard Galbreath, tackle; Don Miles, tackle; David Burdette, guard; Lester Hoffman, guard; Donald Caraker, center; Jerry Moore, center; Coach Glenn Reed; Assistant Coach Bill McDonald. Phosphate Area President’s Roundtable, composed of all past and present presidents of civic, service, and labor clubs, had all proceeds from Sept. 9 blue-white game to go towards new stadium at new school. Dick Hawkins was the general chairman

1956 – Jerry Moore; Richard Stavely; Leland Hagan; David Willis; West; Lee Purcell; Pedro Curry; Richard Weaver; Tommy McGilvery; Key Cozart; Wyman MacDonald; Stevens; Galberaith; Randall Mills; Charles Lyle; Coach McDonald; Coach Sheridan


1958 – Bill Mixon; Randall Mills; Ray Cook, quarterback; Lee Purcell; Frankie Campbell; Jimmy Chestnut; Coach Bill McDonald; Coach Marvin Sheridan. Tied for second place in Ridge Conference

1959 – Claude Eason; Andy Combass; Phil Dixon; Dickie Moore; Red Campbell; Randy Gurley; Jerry Escue; Bill Mixon; Billy Ray Harvey; Quin Clements; George O’Cain; Ray Cook (Co-captain); Bobby Murphy; Carl Ellis (Co-captain); Gene Caruthers; Jimmy Chestnut; Neal Dilliard; Galberaith; Parrish; Felder; McCraney; Duke; Hagan; Lingard; J. Mullis; Jenkins; Barwick; Thomas; Mills; Farmer; K. Mullis; Twiss; Coach McDonald; Coach Sheridan. Opened play in the new stadium, which cost $5,300, on Oct. 2. First Phosphate Memorial Bowl held on Dec. 5, Mulberry defeated Inverness Citrus 27-12

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Mulberry High School, Mulberry, Florida